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Anonymous sent: You must really like jam.

What?  Oh.  Right.  Jam.

Well, I’ve always liked jam.

No wonder my love potion smelled like it.

Though after looking this potions stuff up, I mean, having a love potion smell like it seems to be going too far.  I like jam.  I care a lot about jam.  It… tastes good, and everything.  Amazing, actually.  It’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever tasted in my- ahem.  But I’m normally partial to having… marmalade.  And jam is sort of extremely hit or miss and really very terribly difficult to handle and doesn’t seem to really care whether it’s on toast or not, so being partial to it is possibly one of the stupidest things my subconscious could’ve ever done to me, so it’s probably a better idea to block this extremely obnoxious revelation and just go about it all as per usual.  


I mean… right.  Preserving fruit using sugar.  That was a good idea, there.  

- JW